2018 Autumn (Ashvin) Navratri Festival

Nawan Nagar, October 2018

The autumn Navratri festival (Ashvin Navratri) dedicated to Goddess Durga was again celebrated at the ashram in Nawan Nagar, India, from October 10 to 17. Each evening, devotional songs were sung in praise of the Divine as the people clapped and sang along in the presence of Sant Baljit Singh Ji.

At the Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra Nawan Nagar ashram, a large tent was set up to host the program honoring Goddess Durga and her nine forms through devotional songs in praise of the Divine Mother. Thousands of people gathered in the ashram every evening to enjoy the singing bhajans (devotional songs) in the presence of the Sant Baljit Singh Ji. Many came from afar, from different parts of the country, to spend the whole festival at the Nawan Nagar ashram. People took the opportunity in the evenings to receive Sant Baljit Singh Ji’s darshan.

Another large tent was set up to provide free medical consultancy and medicine to people in need, while a third large tent offered free food and free accommodation.

On four occasions during the Navratri program, Sant Baljit Singh Ji spoke for over an hour at the end of the program. In all his talks, Sant Baljit Singh Ji emphasized the importance of devotional practices.

We have to remain connected 24 hours a day to the Higher Self, to God. Then life will be very good and very easy.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji

Sant Baljit Singh Ji gave darshan to all who attended the Navratri festival.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji listening to the devotional music during the Navratri festival.