Actions that make a difference

When we serve humanity, we serve anyone and everyone.
Sant Baljit Singh Ji

Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra was moved by Sant Baljit Singh Ji to undertake its Covid-19 relief efforts as soon as the World Health Organization declared the worldwide outbreak as a pandemic. Sant Baljit Singh Ji emphasized that especially during crisis situations, it is pertinent to serve those in need, and that Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra should expand its charitable efforts. He said: “People need help. We have to go out there and help, and do it responsibly.”

Right away, Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra proactively approached the local administration to offer our services. We used our local centers as approved facilities to cook and pack food packets, and organize the ration packets, for free distribution to people in need as requested by the local administration. Our volunteers worked alongside the local administration to distribute our donated cooked food and ration packets, and we collaborated with government hospitals to donate medical supplies. Additionally, Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra facilities were offered and used as shelters.

Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra started its Covid-19 charity relief efforts when India’s Covid-19 pandemic lockdown began in March 2020. Throughout the initial lockdown, Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra rallied with zest and zeal to help people in need, and donate medical supplies to hospitals. When India lifted lockdown restrictions during the second half of 2020, Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra continued to support hospitals with medical supplies.

During India’s second wave of the pandemic in 2021, Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra ramped up support once again. During these unprecedented times, we have steadfastly continued our Covid-19 charity relief efforts.

Hospitals and local administration throughout India have emphatically recognized Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra’s Covid-19 relief efforts through letters of appreciation, and in-person visits to our facilities to inspect and acknowledge our relief projects.

When asked to help during Covid-19, our centers responded with donations of:

Ventilators, thermal detectors, multipara monitors, thousands of PPE kits, masks, hand sanitizers, surgical gloves, medical supplies and medicines

More than 2.5 lakhs (two hundred and fifty thousand) nutritious, fresh, and hygienically cooked food packets and tens of thousands of ration packets

N-95 and triple layer masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, soap, and sodium hypochlorite to safeguard police personnel during their Covid-19 field service

Mattresses, sheets, and pillows with covers donated to shelter homes, and our centers served as shelter homes managed by the local administration

Tens of thousands of government Covid-19 flyers printed and distributed in multiple locations to raise public awareness of the health and safety guidelines