2019 Autumn (Ashvin) Navratri Festival

Nawan Nagar, October 2019

The autumn Navratri festival (Ashvin Navratri) dedicated to Goddess Durga was again celebrated at the Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra Nawan Nagar ashram in India, from September 29 to October 6. A large tent was set up to host the program honoring Goddess Durga and her nine forms.

Throughout the nine days of the festival, another two large tents operated around the clock to serve free food and provide free medical services. Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra arranged free professional medical care that provided basic medical help and dispensed medicine free of charge.

On each night of the program, professional singers performed devotional songs in praise of the Divine Mother. Thousands of people gathered in the ashram every evening to enjoy the devotional singing, as they clapped and sang along in the presence of Sant Baljit Singh Ji. Many came from afar, from different parts of India, to spend the whole festival at the Nawan Nagar ashram. People took the opportunity in the evenings to receive Sant Baljit Singh Ji’s darshan.

The attendees greatly enjoyed the program and were happy to have celebrated Navratri in the company of Sant Baljit Singh Ji.

Although the introvert will seek on the inside, while the extrovert adopts outer devotional practices—where one commences the spiritual journey is insignificant. Either way, our prime goal should be realizing Father God.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji

The steps leading to the path of devotion depend on love, for without love, devotion cannot develop.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji

When your love is concentrated and your attention is focused only on One, then that is God.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji