Charitable services at VMRK Pimpalner, February 2023

Pimpalner, February 2023

Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra (VMRK) provided non-stop round the clock charitable services to all who came to attend the spiritual discourse at its center in Pimpalner in February 2023. Wholesome vegetarian meals, lodging, and professional medical care were provided free of charge. In addition, VMRK conducted charitable activities to support the underprivileged communities around Pimpalner. More details about these acitivies are available in our blog post: Serving communities around Pimpalner in February 2023.

The charitable activities at the VRMK center in Pimpalner and the surrounding communities benefited the lives of more than 13,000 people.

Free medical camps

In view of the large number of people expected at this special occasion, VMRK arranged a well-qualified team of 31 professional medical staff to provide medical care. This team of 16 doctors and 15 paramedical staff and nurses provided free medical consultation and medicines to the general public for 24 hours every day from February 1–9, 2023. A 24-hour Clinical Treatment Center, with 12 beds, 6 each for ladies and gents, cared for patients that needed in-house treatment. Three fully-equipped ambulances were also available for use in case of medical emergency. When patients needed help to get to these medical camps, volunteers from the medical team were readily available to transport them using wheelchairs or ambulances.

Thousands of patients received medical consultation as well as medicines free of cost at these medical camps. Among these, more than 100 patients received emergency medical assistance at the Clinical Treatment Center.

Blood donation camps

VMRK collaborated with the Government Hospital Nandurbar to organize a blood donation drive for 4 days from February 4–7, 2023 at Pimpalner. With support from the Chief Medical Officer of Nandurbar District Hospital, a team of qualified doctors visited the blood donation camp site every day from 10am to 5pm. On the first two days, the hospital medical professionals visited the food distribution areas and tents set up for satsang and visitor accommodation and spoke into microphones to raise awareness about the benefits of donating blood.

When people came forward in response to the appeal, the doctors performed basic screening of all the prospective donors to assess their eligibility to donate blood. In total, 353 donors voluntarily donated 353 units (141.2 liters) of blood during the 4-day event.

After donating blood, donors were brought to the recovery area where VMRK volunteers served the donors refreshments that included bananas, fruit juice, biscuits, and bottles of water. The VMRK volunteers also looked after the donors to ensure they felt fine before they left the recovery area.