Kanwar Yatra pilgrims surge in lead up to Shivratri

Each year during the annual pilgrimage known as Kanwar Yatra, charitable organizations set up camps along the roadsides to provide amenities to serve the millions of pilgrims and support their devotion. Sant Baljit Singh Ji urged Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra to support the pilgrims’ endeavors to show their love and devotion. Every year, Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra volunteers set up camps along the pilgrimage routes throughout India to offer free medical help, food, and shelter. As most of the pilgrims fast or eat lightly, fruit, milk, and other light foods are offered.

During the final days before Shivratri (the day the sacred water is offered in the local Lord Shiva temple), the number of pilgrims visiting the camps increases dramatically as they rush to return to their native places. Each year, the camp volunteers serving the pilgrims with medical help and food are deeply moved by the pilgrims’ dedication, determination, and devotion. From walking hundreds of miles and kilometers, the pilgrims’ feet are covered with blisters, their shoes (if worn) are in tatters, and their clothes drenched from the monsoon rain. Many had wounds on their feet that needed medical attention, which is provided to them at the camps, enabling them to continue their journey.

The devoted pilgrims, walking hundreds of miles and kilometers, sometimes needed medical care, especially for their feet.