2019 Sawan Shivratri

On Sawan Shivratri, the final day of the Kanwar Yatra pilgrimage, many of the pilgrims, having completed their pilgrimage, gathered at the Nawan Nagar ashram in northern India to pay their respects to Sant Baljit Singh Ji. This year many more pilgrims came, and the ashram was completely full. Listening to their cheers in praise of Lord Shiva, Sant Baljit Singh Ji fulfilled their wish and came to see them as the Sun Lord was setting.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji has explained that the sun is one of the powers of nature created by God to sustain life on earth. Referring to this power as the Sun Lord shows respect for this aspect of God’s creation.

The pilgrims gathered in front of Sant Baljit Singh Ji and sang devotional songs and clapped in praise of Lord Shiva. Sant Baljit Singh Ji sat on the ground as the pilgrims sang. Then they also sat down on the ground, and Sant Baljit Singh Ji spoke to them for a long time about the importance of this pilgrimage and of devotional practices in our lives. The joy could be clearly felt all around, from the pilgrims for having completed their pilgrimage and receiving Sant Baljit Singh Ji’s darshan, and from Sant Baljit Singh Ji in appreciation of their devotion.

As the news spread that Sant Baljit Singh Ji was giving darshan and talking to the pilgrims, the local sangat, also longing for Sant Baljit Singh Ji’s darshan, soon began arriving at the ashram in big flocks. After giving sufficient time to the pilgrims, Sant Baljit Singh Ji then also gave darshan to the sangat as they lined up one by one. It was an impromptu program, and the atmosphere was very family-like. As Sant Baljit Singh Ji emphasized the necessity for having such dedication and determination on our spiritual journey, everyone was very moved by the devotion of the pilgrims and took inspiration from their determination to fulfill their resolution to show their love and devotion for the Divine.

It is your devotion to the Lord and meditation that will help you blossom to the fullest.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji