2019 Shiv Vivah Katha

Many spiritual programs are held to honor the auspicious month, Sawan, dedicated to Lord Shiva. In recent years, near the end of the month of Sawan, a special program has been held at the ashram in Nawan Nagar. Devotional singers performed the Shiv Vivah Katha, the story of the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati Maa, narrated in the traditional Indian style.

Thousands of people gathered to hear the Shiv Vivah Katha and to receive Sant Baljit Singh Ji’s darshan on this auspicious day. Sant Baljit Singh Ji sat on the dais, which was decorated beautifully in the local traditional style. As the Sun Lord prepared to set, the ashram filled to overflowing. The tent on the community grounds was completely full, as was the entire surrounding field. People sat wherever they could find space, waiting to have Sant Baljit Singh Ji’s darshan, listening to the Shiv Vivah Katha, and watching Sant Baljit Singh Ji on the screens in the tent.

Your devotion will never go to waste. Even if a devotee were not to find a spiritual family and home, it would make no difference because the lotus will still bloom while in mud. Devotion is a supreme way of life.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji

Receiving blessings (darshan)

The program started at 7 p.m. One by one, the attendees took the opportunity to walk up to the dais to receive Sant Baljit Singh Ji’s darshan. Afterward, they enjoyed sitting in the ashram gardens listening to the Shiv Vivah Katha, which ended around midnight. Yet many people were still waiting for their turn to have darshan, and so the singers continued singing devotional songs in praise of Lord Shiva and Parvati Maa all night long.

The program of music and darshan ended well after 7 a.m. as the Sun Lord began to rise. Sant Baljit Singh Ji then spoke for about an hour on the importance of devotion, explaining that without devotion, meditation will bear no fruit. He gave the example of Parvati Maa, the consort of Lord Shiva, who showed her devotion to Lord Shiva by meditating on him for thousands of years. The month of Sawan is significant because that is when her devotion and penance were the most intense. Her extreme devotion and penance made Lord Shiva happy with her, and he granted her wish to accept her as his wife.

Continuing to use Parvati Maa’s devotion as an example, Sant Baljit Singh Ji stressed that devotion means that we have to continuously struggle with our mind so that it supports our efforts to firmly devote ourselves to God, accepting Him in all His forms. It is very important for us to devote time to meditation, as it is only our wholehearted devotion to God that can make us realize our true self.