Spiritual Discourse March 2023, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Nagpur, March 2023

A month after the spiritual discourse in Pimpalner, Maharashtra, Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra (VMRK) organized another spiritual discourse and multiple charitable activities at its center in Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra, India. Traditionally, this event to commemorate our Grand Master takes place on March 6. However, this year, the event coincided with the Holi festival celebrated through India on March 6–7. Conscious that transportation would be impacted, VMRK moved the event to Sunday March 5, 2023 to accommodate the attendees.

That evening, a big crowd gathered at the venue to listen to Sant Baljit Singh Ji’s talk. To welcome Sant Baljit Singh Ji, the path to the stage was decorated with flower petals and colorful rangoli. The celebration started with devotional songs. In the 2-hour long talk that followed, Sant Baljit Singh Ji emphasized the importance of sincerely following the teachings of the Masters in order to complete one’s spiritual journey successfully. After the talk, Sant Baljit Singh Ji walked among the audience, section by section and gave darshan for about half an hour.

During the event, VMRK offered free lodging and nutritious vegetarian food to the attendees. Security volunteers worked round the clock to ensure smooth flow of traffic from the center to the nearby national highway. Given the massive attendance, big LED screens and audio equipment were installed at different points in the satsang tent so that attendees could enjoy the event comfortably.

The next day, on March 6, Sant Baljit Singh Ji gave the holy gift of Naam Daan whereby the spiritual seekers received the initiation into the meditation on the inner Light and Sound. Following the initiation, Sant Baljit Singh Ji gave another 2-hour long talk.

On March 6–7, the attendees and volunteers who stayed after the event were blessed with darshan from Sant Baljit Singh Ji. During these occasions, he explained that to achieve success in the spiritual path one should not run after the physical Master but practice devotion to God as taught by the Master.