Humanitarian services in Nagpur, March 2023

Nagpur, March 2023

Each large scale event hosted by Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra (VMRK) includes multiple charitable activities. We invite you to read our previous blog posts that describe how these types of activities are usually run:

During this year’s commemorative event in Nagpur, VMRK once again offered multiple charitable services from March 2–9, 2023. These humanitarian activities served 14,000 people in and around Nagpur city in the state of Maharashtra, India. This blog post summarizes the results of these activities.

Medical and hygiene camps

At the VMRK center in Nagpur, a well-qualified team of 17 doctors and 22 paramedical and nursing staff provided 24-hour medical service from March 2–7, 2023, to thousands of patients. At the 12-bed Clinical Treatment Center, more than 30 patients received medical attention.

More than 670 people received medical assistance from six medical camps conducted over five days within 60 kilometers of the VMRK Nagpur center. The medical camps were held in 5 villages (Babdev Zopadpati, Dhangarpura, Shivangaon, Khapri, and Bhim Nagar) and the city of Sawner. Each camp was attended by a qualified and trained doctor, a pharmacist and a team of VMRK volunteers. 

Alongside the medical camps, VMRK volunteers ran hygiene camps that distributed more than 580 personal hygiene kits. VMRK volunteers also provided basic hygiene information and taught the locals how to use the hygiene items to improve their health and wellbeing.

Blood donation camp

On March 5–6, 2023, VMRK held a blood donation drive at its Nagpur center. Each day, from 11am to 5pm, qualified doctors from the Government Medical College, Nagpur ran the blood donation camp assisted by a team of VMRK volunteers. First, the doctors examined prospective donors to ensure they were fit to donate blood. Then they drew blood from only those who were eligible. In total, 109 donors voluntarily donated 109 units (43.6 liters) of blood at this event.

Donating educational materials to students

Once again, VMRK organized a massive drive to provide educational and stationery items to school children in need. Multiple teams visited 132 schools within 120 km of the VMRK center in Nagpur. This initiative was conducted over a 5-day period and donated educational materials to more than 8,270 students.

On March 4, 2023, VMRK donated all the essential and general school stationery items to 130 destitute children-in-need at our District Council Upper Primary School, Khapri Railway, Nagpur, Maharashtra.

All the children felt so happy with the gifts they received from VMRK. They included school bags and notebooks as well. VMRK volunteers delivered this service from the bottom of their hearts. What VMRK did for our children was really a great gesture of benevolence.

Our school, our teachers, other staff members, our school children, their families, and the people of our village would like to thank VMRK for the love and care we have received.

I wish VMRK will carry out similar services for the community in times to come. Thank you.

Head Master, District Council Upper Primary School, Khapri, Maharashtra