Spiritual Discourse March 2024, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Nagpur, March 2024

On March 9, 2024, Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra (VMRK) organized a spiritual discourse in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India in the remembrance of our Grand Master. This annual commemoration of our Grand Master is traditionally a highly anticipated event that attracts a significant turnout.

VMRK began preparing for this event several months in advance. This large scale event needed more space than could fit within the VMRK center in Nagpur. Therefore, VMRK arranged for the event to be held at a massive site located nearly a kilometer away. The event grounds spanned 22 acres and multiple large and small tents were set up to serve the attendees. The main tents were used for the spiritual discourse with other tents for lodging, food preparation, food service and other charitable services. Throughout the event, a large team of volunteers lovingly served the attendees as VMRK offered free food, accommodation, and medical services. 

Attendees from faraway places started arriving from March 6. The VMRK center in Nagpur is close to the bus station and metro station so many attendees went directly to the center. Consequently, for their convenience, VMRK provided a car shuttle service to take them to the event grounds.

The highly awaited event saw a surge in traffic on the highway adjacent to the event venue. To ensure the safety of the massive crowd and minimise traffic congestion, VMRK security volunteers were positioned along the highway to manage the heavy traffic flow.

The Spiritual Discourse and Initiation

On the day of the spiritual discourse, attendees gathered at the large tents to eagerly await the evening program. As evening approached, all the tents were filled to the maximum capacity. 9 large LED screens and audio equipment were installed across the event grounds to ensure that the attendees in the far reaches of the tents would be able to comfortably see and listen to Sant Baljit Singh Ji.

The path to the dais was adorned with intricate rangolis and colorful flowers and many attendees assembled along the path hoping for a glimpse of Sant Baljit Singh Ji. They were delighted to see Sant Baljit Singh Ji up close as he walked along the path to the dais. The event started with devotional songs. The attendees enjoyed the devotional songs, and an atmosphere of devotion and reverence spread throughout the event grounds.

Following the devotional songs, Sant Baljit Singh Ji addressed the gathering and gave a talk for two-and-half hours. The audience listened attentively in gratitude as Sant Baljit Singh Ji elaborated on the necessity to live consciously with continuous remembrance of God whom we cannot afford to forget even for a moment.

After the talk, the attendees were overjoyed as Sant Baljit Singh Ji walked among them for an hour. While he was walking, some children presented flowers to Sant Baljit Singh Ji, while others greeted him with folded hands, bringing smiles all around.

The next day, on March 10, Sant Baljit Singh Ji gave the holy gift of Naam Daan to the spiritual seekers who eagerly received initiation into the meditation on the inner Light and Sound.

Charitable activities in Nagpur

Traditionally, VMRK conducts multiple charitiable activities during each event. For more information, read our blog posts:

VMRK upheld this practice throughout the Nagpur event. From February 28 to March 11, 2024, VMRK organized multiple charitable activities to serve underprivileged communities. These charitable services made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people. A summary of these activities is presented below.

Medical and hygiene camps

VMRK organized a medical camp at the event grounds with several tents set up to provide multiple medical services. These included an outpatient service adjacent to the waiting area, a pharmacy counter, a dressing corner, as well as a 12-bed clinical treatment center that was separately partitioned for males and females. A team of 55 well-qualified medical professionals provided 24-hour medical service from February 28 to March 11, 2024.

In Nagpur, the month of March is very hot during the day time. So, VMRK installed air coolers to keep the tents cooler and provide relief to the thousands of patients who came to receive medical treatment.

VMRK also organized eight medical camps in slum areas within a 90-kilometer radius of its Nagpur center. These camps were held in Khairi, Shivangaon, Dhangarpura, Saoner, Junoni, Parshivani, Pipada, and Chikhli. Each camp was served by 1 doctor, 3 pharmacists, 2 nursing staff, and 4-5 VMRK volunteers. More than 770 patients received medical assistance.

Beside medical camps, hygiene camps were also organized to promote hygiene and cleanliness. More than 2,000 hygiene kits were distributed at these camps.

On March 5, 2024, Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra (VMRK) through its center Khaparkheda organized a free health check-up camp and distributed free medicines at Parshivni, Nagpur. A total of 92 people benefited from this camp. The experienced doctors, pharmacist staff, and volunteers served the patients. We are aware that your organization consistently conducts various charitable activities at several locations. This organization is always ready to help humankind and those in need in every possible way, which is the distinctiveness of this organization. Therefore, we, the people of Parshivni, wholeheartedly extend our gratitude to VMRK and its volunteers.

Pratibha Kumbhalkar, Mayor, Nagar Parishad, Parshivni, Maharashtra

Blood donation camp

A blood donation camp was conducted over two days on March 9–10. VMRK collaborated with Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur who sent their blood bank teams to the camp. 118 people came forward to donate their blood and were first assessed by doctors. After screening, 109 people donated 109 units i.e. 43.6 liters of blood.

Donating educational materials to students

VMRK distributed educational materials to more than 7,700 students in 110 schools located within 360 kilometers of its center in Nagpur. The students were overjoyed to receive these educational materials and the school staff expressed appreciation for the donated items.

On March 4, 2024, Vishav Manav Ruhani Kendra provided free educational materials in our school. Students from economically underprivileged backgrounds are also part of our school. Due to this, they do not have school bags, water bottles, nor educational literature. Our school is located in a rural hilly area. Your organization has distributed free school bags, water bottles, pencil kits, colors, and notebooks to the underprivileged students of our school. The selfless service you have provided has increased the happiness of our students. Therefore, on behalf of our school, we sincerely express our gratitude towards Sant Baljit Singh Ji, spiritual head of VMRK.

Head Teacher, District Council Higher Secondary Urdu School, Shirajgaon Kasba, Amravati, Maharashtra